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I will send you my collection guide once you inquire!

We then can hop on a call to discuss your needs, concerns, questions, and whatever else comes to mind!

I will also go through the booking process, my collections, payment plans and the experience.

I prefer to have our consultation over the phone!

The Studio

Past Sessions.


Will You photoshop my body?

I have a 2 week rule. I will not edit anything that will still be on your body 2 weeks from your session date. I will however edit things such as, bruises or pimples!
*I do NOT alter body image*

Can my photos be kept private?

Of course! At your time of booking you will fill out a release form on whether you want your images shared or not!

Is Hair & Makeup Included?

All 3 packages include professional makeup application at the studio. Hair not included.


- Fake eyelashes and nails go a long way!
- Stretch and stay hydrated leading up to your session.
- Try to avoid a spray tan! If you're going to get one, make sure you do at least 72 hours beforehand. No guarantee that any streaks, blotches or orange tones will be fixed. Also, any damage to studio furniture will result in the client paying a fee.