Looking for a way to WOW your guests, and bring everyone together to celebrate a special occasion?! This sweet + spicy welcome brunch was GORGEOUS!! We all know I looooove some bold, right, and bright color palettes, and man did this have it all! So if you are looking for the perfect welcome brunch decor inspo, you're in for a treat because this setup and design was a DREAM!!

Versatility is Key

One of my favorite things about this welcome brunch setup was the versatility! When planning any event, especially if you are somewhere where the weather can be unpredictable, it is super important to make sure you have a plan A and plan B. Can your table setups be placed indoors and outdoors? Do you have room for multiple setups? Can you have some table inside and outside?! Do your table settings and floral arrangements work in both places? This welcome brunch was hosted both inside and outside, and it flowed so perfectly!😍


Okay, I know I said the versatility was one of my favorite things, but THIS is actually one of my favorite elements of this welcome brunch! The fruit and veggies as decor?! I mean, AMAZING! The sweet and sour citrus fruits, mixed with the spicy red peppers, tomatoes, and pears...it was so incredible to see the way the fruits and veggies were so seamlessly incorporated into the decor! Don't ever be afraid to do something "outside the box" for your wedding day or any event for that matter! Trust me, it's going to be fabulous!


With all this talk about how beautiful the design and decor for this welcome brunch were, you might be wondering whyyyyy to host one in the first place, right?! Your wedding weekend brings all those that you hold near and dear to your heart together, to celebrate your love. Some travel long distances to celebrate, and some are just around the corner. The day is going to go by soooo fast, and you'll be so busy having the time of your life, you might not have the chance to spend a special moment with your Aunt Sally or Uncle John you haven't seen in a while. A welcome brunch is the perfect way to welcome guests to an exciting weekend, bring your family and friends together one more time before the festivities, and get some quality time with your loved ones. You will never regret spending quality time with those you love.


And, who doesn't love sipping on carefully crafted cocktails and eating delicious food with your friends and family?! Break out the mimosas, peach bellinis, palomas, margaritas, or bloody mary, and have some FUN! The options are endless when it comes to deciding what to serve, so enjoy it all! 

Are You Thinking Of Hosting a Welcome Brunch or Looking For Your Southwest Florida Wedding Photographer?!

It is such a joy to be invited and welcomed into a weekend of wedding festivities, celebrating your sweet love! I would love to document your Southwest Florida wedding or intimate elopement, and cannot wait to see what you are dreaming up! Let's do this!🍾

Vendor Team

Photo @samcoplandphoto

Host: @mirrorballcollective

Venue: @hawkscayresort

Florist: @mollyshop.miami

Stunning Sweet + Spicy Welcome Brunch Decor in shades of yellow and green decorate the tables
Gorgeous Sweet + Spicy Welcome Brunch Decor in shades of green and yellow decorate the tables
Gorgeous Sweet + Spicy Welcome Brunch Decor in orange, pink and red tones decorate the white linen tables
Small details that bring the Sweet + Spicy Welcome Brunch Decor together
Custom drink toppers and gorgeous red an orange table settings for Southwest Florida Wedding Photographer
Stunning red table settings with custom table numbers by Southwest Florida Wedding Photographer
Beautiful green and yellow floral arrangements for Southwest Florida Wedding Photographer
Stunning table settings for welcome brunch by Southwest Florida Wedding Photographer
Tropical inspired yellow flower arrangement by Sam Copland Photo
Tropical inspired floral arrangements by Sam Copland Photo
Beautiful table settings by Sam Copland Photo
Pink and red floral arrangements decorate the tables by Sam Copland Photo
Custom green-toned table settings bring together the Sweet + Spicy Welcome Brunch Decor
Green napkins and custom name tags bring together the Sweet + Spicy Welcome Brunch Decor
Sweet + Spicy Welcome Brunch Decor in neutral shades for custom napkin holders